Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Just What I Always Wanted - Really!

For some CRAZY reason, I have always wanted an antique, claw foot tub. Most of the people I've told about this think I am NUTS! And I may be, but I have waited and waited and now I have one.

When we decided to remodel the "guest" bathroom, which will usually be used by me, I decided that I was going to find one come hell or high water! Yesterday I was searching on Craig'slist, one of my favorite junking sites, and found this beauty:

It was just what I wanted. It was a reasonable price and the interior is in great shape, it doesn't need to be re-glazed. That alone saves me major $$! I have priced some refurbished ones in some of my local shops and they were running $700 or more, just for the tub. Then I'd have to buy the faucets and all to go with it. So I've already saved more than $400!

Just a quick cleaning with some baking soda and a good polish with some paste wax for cars and the inside will be ready to go. The outside, on the other hand, will have to be stripped and repainted, but DH has promised to help me with it. I've found instructions on several websites and think it is a pretty straight forward process, but it will take more than one weekend to complete. The claw feet will also have to be stripped and either painted or plated. I'm probably opting for painting them. There are lots of good quality metallic spray paints that I can try. If they don't work or last, I can always have them plated.

The bonus, all of the hardware - faucets, etc. were included - even the overhead frame for the shower curtain!

As my kids say - I'M STOKED!


Catherine said...

Good for you! I have wanted a claw foot tub for years. Yours is a beauty!

Teresa said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed my redneck post. I am surrounded, so I have to find the humor in it.

Your tub is a great find. I have always loved those.

Layla said...

I would be STOKED too! :-)

I had NO idea about the mention in the Tennessean! That's so cool! Can you tell me what day I was mentioned, and what it said, or what section it was in? Thanks so much for the 411!

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