Thursday, 5 March 2009

Our Master Bedroom - The Tour

Still no "before" pictures, so I thought I'd post the "afters" of our master bedroom. This and the master bathroom were the 2nd and 3rd rooms that we have redone so far. The first was the room we fixed up for our only (so far) grandson. For some reason I don't have pictures of it on my computer. I'll have to remedy that soon too. He really likes it too! Pictures soon, I promise!
Anyway, back to the Master Bedroom.
When we first moved into this house, this room was considered one of the guest rooms. Our house is 1600 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a l... o... n... g narrow entry/living room (den) combo, a kitchen and a dining room. As I said before, there are only 2 of us, so the other 2 bedrooms are the "guest" bedrooms. However, because the original Master Bedroom was located on the back of the house, away from the beautiful view of the small lake that we have on our property, we decided to make this "guest room" the master bedroom.
When we started, there were 2 very small windows in the room. By small, I mean they were only about 24" wide and 36" tall. Besides not letting in much light, you had to duck down or sit in a chair to see out. Really strange! Most of the windows in the house were like that. Some still are, but they are destined for a change. One window was located on the front of the house, facing the lake and the other was on the adjoining wall facing the side of the property. In addition, there was a clothes closet on the right hand wall as you came into the room, right at the doorway. This meant that as you entered the room you had to make a quick left or you'd run into the closet's side wall. This is also the wall that was between the master bathroom and this bedroom. So here is what we did.
We tore out the clothes closet, cut in a doorway and installed a pocket door leading into the new master bathroom that is in the previous post.

We are installing pocket doors in all of the interior doorways to avoid wasted wall space where a regular door would swing open. DH has become quite the door installer! In fact, he has installed 4 so far.
So, as you come down the hall from the rest of the house this is what you see.

This wardrobe was built by Great-Great Grandfather. My Grandmother had it in her barn when we found it. It was a mess. But my sweet Father took it completely apart and put it back together and refinished it. That was in the 1980's. I have moved it with me every where I go. At one time it held a small TV and my doll collection. Now it holds my quilts and blankets and misc. clothing. It is my most favorite piece.

The first picture of the doorway into the bathroom shows a smidge of this wardrobe on the left. The little square picture on the left is one of my granddaughters. The large picture on the right is a print I've had for years, one of my husband's favorites. It wasn't my first choice for that spot, but it was his.

As you swing around to the left you will see our bed. It belonged to my husband's Grandmother. It needs some wooden side rails and other repairs. Again, I would like to use something different, or paint it, but that probably won't happen. Or it might, just depends on how convincing I can be. The little black shelf at the bedside holds our clock-radio and my husband's favorite picture of me. There was a small round table there, but it got in the way of DH's dresser drawers. The window that looked out on the side yard was just about where the top of the head board is now.

As you swing around to the left wall, you will see these great French doors that DH and my son-in-law put in where the other window was.

DH got out his trusty chain saw (see picture in right column of blog) and started cutting the big 'ole hole. That was AFTER we took out the window and checked for any electrical lines. The French doors didn't come in when they were supposed to so we went 3 weeks with nothing but plastic taped over the hole. Thank heavens we live in the country! DH calls these the French Window because we haven't built the deck/porch yet and if you step through the doors you'll step down about 4 feet!

This is DH's dresser.It matches the bed. I love it, but I have issues with it AND the bed.

And on the wall at the foot of the bed is this electric fireplace that we got at Lowe's for 1/2 off. It was too short so DH built a small brick hearth to put it on and raise it to regular mantle height. That's the foot board of the bed that you see in the foreground of the picture. You can tell the room is not very big.

When we close the bedroom door, this keeps the room nice and cozy. It even looks almost like a real fireplace.

Here is another view. The tri-fold screen is waiting to be filled with lots of pictures. I've got to dig them out of the box they've been in FOREVER!

So that's the tour.

Yes, the room needs more stuff on the walls and MORE COLOR! I love the wall treatment, it looks like old leather, which I'll tell you about in my next post, but the furniture blends in too much. I am not happy with it, but don't want to paint the wall. Solution: DO SOMETHING WITH THE FURNITURE AND ACCESSORIES.

If you've got suggestions, PLEASE THROW THEM MY WAY!

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Teresa said...

That wardrobe is gorgeous! And I love the wall treatment too.