Friday, 17 December 2010

Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year

Obviously I have not been posting on a regular basis this year.  I'm hoping to change that soon.  I'm in negotiations with this guy for a computer for home.  Only problem is that I live so far out in the country there is no cable.  I also can't get DSL and most other Internet services.  The market across the interstate has WiFi though, so I may start spending my weekends in their lounge so I can log on!  Guess I need to start developing a relationship with their management!  I wouldn't go hungry while there.  They have a Dunkin Donuts, a Backyard Burger and a soda fountain on site.

About the computer negotiations - I've never owned a Mac, but I'm leaning in that direction.  I know several people that own Mac Books and they seem very pleased with them.  I like the fact that they supposedly are only susceptible to a few viruses as compared to PCs.  And that they don't become obsolete as quickly as a Dell, which I've always worked on.  I love the photo program that comes with them, at least I loved it when the salesman demonstrated it to me.  I've got a whole bookcase filled with photos from my family and that of My Handyman's - we are the "family historians", that he assured me I could scan into it from the scanner that he said he would make me a great deal on!

How about it?  Any of you have/use a Mac?  Do you know of any good deals on them that I should know about?  How about photo scanner/printers?  Help me make a good investment -PLEASE!

Maybe once the negotiations are final I can get everything together and post regularly AND open an Etsy shop!