Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A View From the Inside

As promised, a view of what things look like from the inside. This view is looking out to the right side of the property. Since this picture was taken the wiring is now in place and so is the insulation. This is my handyman removing the window between the new room and the old dining room.And here he is removing the door between the rooms. This was the really exciting part because now we don't have to open the door to step out into the new space! Yay!!!

And this is the beginning of the wall demolition. On the right of the picture is where the window 2 pictures up used to live. When I got home last night this whole wall was gone, except for the studs that are necessary to hold up the wall until we get the new support beam.

Tonight I think my handyman is going to take out this wall between the kitchen and the new room! It's my night out with the ladies that I work with, so I won't get to enjoy the noise!
I'll have more progress pictures in the next few days - I promise!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Front Porch Remodel Progress

I am so excited I can hardly stand it. This is what arrived at our house at 9:00 last Friday morning:Our 7 new windows to close in the front porch.

The installation began bright and early on Saturday morning. Like 7:00 a.m., so that it could be done before it got too hot and muggy.

This is the first one being installed by my oldest step-son and our awesome "neighbor across the lake". These windows are 6ft. x 6 ft., aluminum clad windows made by Peach Tree. Let me just tell you how awesome they are and how great they are going to make our new "overlook" as my husband is calling it!
This is what they look like (at least this side) with the trim installed, but not painted:
I'll post pictures of what's happening on the inside later. Do come back and check. It's going to be GREAT!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Camera Died

It just quit. I thought it was the batteries, but I put in new ones and I took some out of another item that I knew was working and still nothing. GRRRRRR! Now I've got to find time to go get it fixed. It might be quicker to just buy another one. GRRRRRR! There's so much going on and no camera.

The black & cream toile project is finished - no pics yet.

The guest bathroom is coming along beautifully, if slowly-no pics yet.

And the big news is that the windows that we've ordered to close in our front porch have arrived - almost a week early! The framework has been ready for decades-well maybe not decades, but a long time. They will convert this into an actual room!

I can't wait!

Then the wall comes out, the duct work and electric goes in, the floor joists, the lights, the new ceiling, then the dining room cabinets and the kitchen cabinets, . . . ya know, one project ALWAYS leads to another.

Maybe I can borrow a camera before Friday, which is when the windows get to the house from Lowes. I think I now officially owe them more than I owe on my mortgage.