Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Big Bookcase & Baskets

Here is the almost finished, large bookcase. I say almost finished because I don't have the shelves back in it yet. Can you see the wall paper in the back? Just like I did in the small book shelf? I just love the texture that it adds.

And, can you see the curvy legs that we added to the bottom to lift it up off the floor? Here's a closer look.The bottom used to be the green coffee table, but we cut it down to fit on the bottom of the bookcase, added a piece of quarter round in the front where the bookcase joins the table, attached a pair of "L" brackets in the back for stability and stepped back to admire the result.

What do you think?

And the baskets? Catherine needed somewhere to put all of the tools of her trade. So I found 2 sets of these baskets at Lowe's. There were just under $20 a set.

Grabbed a can of spray paint as close to Robin's Egg Blue as I could find and they went from this:

To this:

What would I do without a good can of spray paint?

My handy man and I brought it all to the office on Sunday afternoon and put it in Catherine's office. I'm thrilled with the result.

Did you notice the "HOPE" sign on top of the bookcase?
Got that at Dollar General for $3. It was plain black, so I misted it with the blue spray paint and it gives it sort of a textured, granite look. Hard to tell here, but it really looks good.
HOPE is for the Dispensary of Hope, which is where Catherine and I work. And for HOPE for Cain.
Stay tuned for more updates. And can somebody tell me why some of my pictures will enlarge when clicked and some won't?


Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. I am so glad that you did because now I have found your blog and I will definately be back. We are kindred spirits in our home renos, aren't we?!?!

I love your bookcase/baskets. I would never have thought of spraying the baskets with blue. It is such a nice contrast from the black.

Teresa said...

Re-working that coffee table as a base for that shelf is brilliant. And I love how you used that textured wallpaper. And those baskets... sooo much better in blue. Gorgeous make-over!