Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Chicken Coop & Chicken Update

A sweet note from Marilyn reminded me that I haven't given a recent update on the chicks and their new home. Here is the most recent photo I have. There has been more work done, but I haven't taken any more pics-bad me!

The picture above is a picture of the 2 coops that now live side-by-side in the back of our property. The brown one on the right is where our 5 original hens currently live. We built it out of some of the log siding that we took off of the front of our house in preparation for closing in the front porch and knocking down a wall. It was our chicken project last year, 2008, and has served very well. The only problem is that the pen that we put in the front, and built out of old pallets, is WAY TOO LOW for me to get in and clean. And believe me, after all the rain we've had lately, whew! It needs to be cleaned but good! The plan for it is to raise the roof on the pen so that I can get inside. Then we are going to move the precious, silver laced bantam Cochins that the Easter Bunny brought, into it and let them breed.
This is Dandy, a rooster, I hope:

This is either Daisy or Delilah. I have a hard time telling them apart:
The white coop on the left is the new, 2009 coop. Since this pic was taken, my handy man has added another window on the front, painted all the trim black and set 20 posts for the pen. This has all been a challenge, trying to do what we can between rain storms! I promise to get a new picture this week so you can see how great it looks.

Here are a couple of the new residents enjoying their new roost. That's a White Leghorn on the left and a Rhode Island Red on the right. We hope they are both girls! Roosters aren't too good at laying eggs! This is the chic we call #1. We have NO IDEA what she is. Poor thing, she is not very attractive now, but maybe she will get prettier as she feathers out.

One week old:7 weeks old:
And these are my beautiful blues. We don't know yet what they are. Some have suggested Old English Game Birds. Again, I'll know more as they get older.

One week old:

Blue hen (Bonnie Blue), 7 weeks old and still very small and sweet:

Blue rooster (Baby Blue or Blue Roo):

If you are familiar with breeds of chickens and think you know what these are, PLEASE, let me know! And unless you want to get REALLY addicted to a fun hobby - don't get chickens!
You'd never think that chickens could be SO MUCH FUN!


Teresa said...

Hi Kathy! I love the little chicks. Wish I had a coop. Oh... and you've been tagged! Come and get it.

Marilyn said...

I don't know chicks but I sure do love the looks of those blue ones. I look forward to seeing them as adults. That poor little blad headed chick. I'm sure it will grow into a lovely hen---it was a cutie as a baby. Now,the coops are perfect. Love the logs and they have sentimental value coming from the house. It will all be perfect when it is done. Very nice to have a handy man in residence. My handy man is injured right now but the projects will wait. Love reading your blog and thanks so much for the link.