Monday, 4 May 2009

The Chicks Move Out

This is what the coop looked like on Saturday morning. All wrapped up in plastic to try to keep the rain out. It didn't work. The floor got soaked and the vinyl floor now has ripples. But, not to worry. As soon as the sun comes out we will cut it out and try to dry it out. Then we will glue it back down to the plywood sub-floor. We will see if that works out. If not, I can always give the sub-floor a good coat of slick paint.

Meanwhile, we got the siding and the roof up and the insulation installed in the roof. Pictures will come later. There was so much moisture in the air my camera lens kept fogging up. It rained and rained all weekend, making for very poor building conditions. But. . . we ventured forward.

Sunday night we moved the chicks into their new home. As you can see they were not so sure about it. They huddled together in the corner for a while. Eventually they spread out and tried out their wings in their newer, larger space. When I left for work this morning they were running about happily and eating and drinking like nothing was new.

Can you believe how big they have gotten in just a few weeks?!?


Marilyn said...

I would so love to have some chickens. Love your blog and how you've show about the coop and the little ones that occupy it. I look forward to more from you.

Marilyn said...

Me again. I've read your old posts and I have to tell you that you are so creative. Love you ideas and projects. Now, that old armoir, we have one very similar that was in our house when we bought it. We have it narrowed down to who made it and when---1916! I did a post on it but don't know how to link. If you'd like to see it is is way way down on my blog. Thanks for such a great blog.