Monday, 27 April 2009

My Weekend In Pictures

Since the Easter Bunny brought me some new chick babies, we have to build them a place to live. They just can't go on staying in my living room, they are not good house guests. So, we chose a spot in the back of the house:

It's right next to the old chicken coop, so if we end up with roosters and need to separate them, we can put them in the older, smaller coop.

Then we started putting together the deck of the coop in the garage. It was over 90 degrees in there, so we worked as fast as we could.

Then we moved the framework to the new location. We attached one end to the lawn mower and lifted it up with a chain. My handy man put a concrete block on the furniture dolly and put it under the other end. My in-laws helped to keep it balanced and off we went.

We set it at the new site and got it all leveled up. That's the old coop on the left.

Put plywood on the top and a piece of sheet vinyl (for easier clean up),

And started framing it up.

That's about as much as we could get done this weekend. We hope to work on it some in the evenings this week. I'll keep you posted.

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