Monday, 10 January 2011

This Is What We Woke Up To This Morning-January 10, 2011

These were taken from our bedroom door at the front of the house.  Just prior to taking these, 4 beautiful young doe ran across the front yard.  They stopped in front of me (guess they saw me standing in the doorway), but not long enough for me to get a picture.
Can't even see the driveway, which is just beyond the tree in the foreground.  The black circles you can see in the distance are areas where the ice on the lake has melted a little and then re-froze.
 We didn't measure it, but it looks to be 4-5 inches, due to the way it's piled up around the trees.
I accidentally deleted the other 12 or so shots I took out the back and side of the house.

My Handy Man used his leaf blower to clear off the front porch and walkway to the chicken coop.  Then he drove me down the driveway, up the hill in front of the house (that was a challenge), over the interstate to get gas, coffee and donuts and back to the end of our road, where he turned the car over to me so I could make my way SLOWLY to work as he walked back to the house!  I tell ya, he is THE SWEETEST man I've ever known!  That's why I keep him around!  Well that and 'cause he IS pretty handy!

The weather man says we are expecting another couple of inches today/tonight.  I'll try not to delete those pictures before I can post them here!

Stay Warm.  I know I intend to.


Diana said...

These are beautiful shots!!

Anonymous said...

We had sleet and freezing rain here in middle Georgia 2 days ago and it is still here! A long time for here.
I anxiously await spring.

Love your pictures.
Have a great day.

The Chatty Housewife said...

Hey there, this is off topic, but I just saw your comment over at The Lettered Cottage and wanted to tell you to try hinge pin door stops for your doors. Hope that helps!