Friday, 21 January 2011

So Cold Even The Chickens Won't Venture Out

The chickens wouldn't even come out of their house this morning.  It was 18 degrees.  They just peeked out and pulled their little heads back inside.  I put their water and feed inside so they didn't have to venture out into the cold to eat and drink.  


Yeah, absolutely!  

Everybody at my house is spoiled rotten, but we like it that way.

Our little lake as you come in the driveway:
Those white spots on the picture above are snow flakes that were caught in the light of the flash.

These strange little "vein" formations were under the ice and all over the lake.  We thought they looked really cool.

 Here's another one.  It looks like the shadow of a tree branch, but it is under the ice.  Not a shadow at all.

The weatherman says we had 2-3 inches this time.  It's melting off now, but it's still below freezing, so everything will turn to ice again.    There's still more snow in the forecast for this weekend on into the first of next week.

From the looks of things in the blog-o-sphere, everyone is getting snow.

Is it snowing/snowy where you are?

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