Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Front Porch Update-The AC goes in

Friday night my #1 Step Son and his family came for a visit. The purpose was for #1 Step Son to run the AC duct under the floor and out to the new room.

The bonus was that I got to play with this little doll baby!

Last time we saw her she was just starting to crawl. This time she is cruising around furniture. Next thing you know she'll be walking. Then there will be no stopping her! She's gotten new upper teeth and learned how to wave since the last time too!
Oh, and the sub floor is now down and we've started to put up the wall treatment. Check back, I'll have new pictures soon.


Marilyn said...

What fun! Our little ones make our lives so much better. Glad the room is coming along.

Sarah and Jack said...

Hi Kathy, The first pot on the blog today (my favorite) is a McCoy. Well, a Nelson McCoy. Thanks for stopping by!