Monday, 14 September 2009

County Fair Poultry Show & Remodel Update

On Saturday my handyman and I went to the Dickson County Fair Poultry Show & Sale. This is the first time I've been to this event and it was a lot of fun. We met some really nice people, saw some beautiful chickens from teenintsy to huge. And, much to my handyman's surprise, I didn't buy anything!

We really enjoyed watching the 4H kids in their Fairest of the Fowl contest. In this contest the kids choose a theme and they dress themselves and their chicken according to the theme. Here is the line up: (Left to Right) #1. A chef: he had on an apron and was carrying a HUGE knife and clippers in one hand and his chicken in the other. If I'd been the chicken I'd have been concerned! #2 was a vet in her blue scrubs and white coat. Then there was #3, her sister, the magician. She was carrying her chicken inside a top hat. #4, for you Vanderbilt basketball fans, a basket ball player and his chicken cheerleader. Someone had made stocking arms for the chicken and had sewn little pom poms into the hands. It was really cute. #5 was a Cop and Jail Bird. The young lady was dressed as a cop and had her chicken in a cage in the paddy wagon (red wagon). Cute, cute, cute. This young lady also won the Grand Champion ribbon for her 6 Barred Plymouth Rock chicks that she raised for 4H. They sold for $45 each! #6 was Colonel Sanders. This was so cute. She had her chicken in the KFC bucket with it's feet sticking out of the bottom. The chicken was calm through the entire show! #7 was a precious pirate and her companion. #8 was a 1950's Poodle Skirted girl. Her chicken also had on a Poodle Skirt and even had a pink bow in it's hair, I mean feathers! and #9 was The Cat in the Hat with Thing 1. I met this young lady and her parents prior to the show. She was adorable. Her chicken is a Polish with a big white top knot. So cute!
And here are the winners:
Because of the Labor Day Holiday and having a house full of people, we didn't get to work on the remodel until Sunday. Here is a picture of the floor joists going in. My handyman got all 13 of them in, but it was dark when he finished and I couldn't get a good picture. It is really starting to look like a room! My handyman's oldest son is coming on Friday to run the duct work for the air conditioning. Then the sub floor goes on and it WILL look like a for real and true room! Awesome!

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