Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Surgery Scheduled & Internet Connectivity

Just a quick post to let you know that Thatcher's transplant is scheduled for later this month!  His Mom will have surgery first where the surgeons will remove approximately 1/3 of her liver.  Her Mom will be with her at the hospital.  The liver will then be transported to the children's hospital where Thatcher's liver will be completely removed and replaced with this portion of his Mom's liver!  Dad will be at the children's hospital with Thatcher.

It is so amazing to me that this can be done.  Scary too!  All the what ifs keep trying to sneak into my mind, but I know that God is watching over them.  So many prayers have already been answered and so many have been praying.

On another note, I live too far out in the country for "regular" cable connections for my computer.  It seems the options I have are a dish and a router through Verizon, my current cell phone provider.  Any of you have other ideas or opinions on the subject?


Buttons said...

Hello Kathy I will be sending my prayers. I know everything will be fine.
About the internet I am using my cell phone provider also not to much choice here either.Expensive but reliable. I will check and see if you get any good ideas over the next few days. said...

continued thoughts and prayers for Thatcher and his momma, AND the whole family. I know it's going to be tough!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Thatcher and his Mom will be in my prayers for a speedy recovery and for Dad to have faith and strength for the them both. My friend uses her cell phone for her service. She lives out where she cannot get regular service.