Wednesday, 3 November 2010

My New Front Deck

I tried to find an actual BEFORE picture of this area, but it must be on my jump drive instead of my computer. Just picture some awkward, curved rock steps with a huge rock planter next to them, where nothing ever grew but weeds. WE (My sweet Handyman) knocked out the steps and planter and this is what it looked like before the building began. That pink string you can barely see is to help us keep everything nice and level.  Please ignore the lounge chair you see sitting out in the sun to the left.  That was my "taking a break" chair that I used while My Handyman was working on the details!

This is actually the side of our house, but we now use it as the "front door" because we closed in the front porch and eliminated the "real" front door. Besides, the driveway and garage are closer to this door and visitors can park on the drive and get to it without having to walk across the grass. Confession: We NEVER used the "real" front door anyway because you had to walk around the house, through the grass and up the porch steps to get to it.

This  (below) is the view from the drive as you approach the garage.  See that little square window to the left of the door?  It's gone now, but that was the corner of my new pantry peeking out the window.  If you are a professional building contractor, please look away!

Oh, and those red doors aren't there anymore either.  We have a new, more beautiful door now.  But that's for another post!  (Dear Gail: Is that the type of teaser you were referring to?)

Please excuse the quality of the following picture. It was taken with my phone and it was still a little dark outside.  However, this is the deck with the steps and flooring done and the support posts for the roof in place.

And here it is with the rafters and railing in place, but the roof wasn't on yet. That blue foot stool you see is for the king of the property.  Our Jack Russell Terrorist - Buster Brown.  He likes a nice soft place to rule over his territory!  It doesn't get to stay, but it's good for now.

And here, from another angle. Can you see the little added "touch" that My Handyman added to the rafters?  There on the first one?

Can you see it?
How about now?

That's My Handyman's interpretation of a fish head!  He ended up cutting all of the rafters to look like this!
Sometimes I just HAVE to let him use his "creative talents" too!

I just realized I don't have a picture with the roof on that doesn't reveal my new front door!  Guess you'll have to come back to see that one :)

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