Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A $12 Picture Frame

This is the 6 foot by 6 foot wood window that I bought at the Habitat Home Store for $12 a few months ago. You should have seen the look on My Handyman's face the day I brought THIS home!

After I explained to him what I had in mind, he decided it was a great idea. So one day, while I was at work he cleaned it up and put a good coat of primer on it.

The next day he painted it a nice glossy black and hung it on the wall in our new front entry, which is another work in progress. It is really heavy so he screwed in some heavy duty screw in hooks at the top of the wall and into the wall studs and attached the screw eyes into the top of the frame. I was really thrilled when I came home from work and there it was - EXACTLY like I had pictured it (pun intended)!

And here it is hanging above the FREE tripple dresser I got from my Mom - Thanks Mom! It needs some work too, but we'll get to that eventually. At first I thought I'd paint the whole thing black, but we live WAY out in the country and get A LOT of dust, so I'm not sure thats the way to go. Feel free to offer your suggestions.
My Handyman just propped some family pictures in the openings so that you could see how the plan is coming together. Now I need to make a trip to Michael's for some mat board to put in the openings and mount the pictures. I will be able to swing the frame away from the wall to change out the pictures as all the grandbabies grow and change. I think I'll add something about FAMILY using some of those great vinyl letters that you can get from so many sources these days.
What do you think? How have you used old window frames in your crafting?


gail@myrepurposedlife.blogspot.com said...

Kathy... taking a lunch break (from cleaning out the garage) I love the window! it looks great hanging there, and it's fabulous that you'll be able to change out the pics!
That's a really cool dresser too. You KNOW I'm not a decorator, but I think turquoise AND black together would be really pretty. Just thinking out loud here, so don't judge. :) How about painting the dresser black and the top turquoise. Turq being the "trend" right now... later you could repaint the top or throw a pretty "blouse" over it. :) I'm tired, my body hurts so it may be that later I'll say "huh" I said "what" .

have a great day!

Magic Brush said...

Wow! I love that window!!!!!

Yes, you could use a regular paint instead of metallic on the tissue paper finish.... it almost always looks like leather then. Paint it in a satin paint and glaze it with a darker color. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic!

gail@myrepurposedlife.net said...

Kathy... glad you liked my vanity re-do. The do-dah came off off this vanity, so no, sorry don't have an extra one.
I should have used spray paint, but I didn't have any. I'm a use what ya have kind of girl. :)
have a great weekend!
Happy Easter!