Friday, 10 July 2009

An Emotional Start to the Day

This is Dandy, my precious and beautiful Silver Laced Bantam Cochin rooster. My handyman found him dead in his chicken coop this morning. He was still warm when he found him. We have no idea why he died. There were no wounds, no signs of parasites, nothing. He was just laying lifeless on the floor.

I held him and cried! Yes, I'm that crazy lady who cries over a dead rooster!

Dandy liked to jump in my lap and let me stroke his beautiful, soft feathers. I had plans to breed him and raise his babies to keep and to sell. He was just starting to crow and sounded like a boy whose voice was starting to change. It made me smile every time I heard him.

I never thought I could be so attached to a rooster, but there ya go!


Marilyn said...

I'm so sorry about Dandy. He was such a special rooster, not only in his beauty but in the love you had for him. I know this hurts. Take care.

Teresa said...

Oh sweetie that's not crazy. That beautiful rooster is just like any other pet. I would have cried too.

Gina E. said...

Oh I do sympathise. We cry over the loss of any of our pets, and our hens are just as precious to us as our cats and dogs have been over the years. Dandy looks such a lovely bird in this photo. Ken wants to get a silver laced hen, they are so pretty.